Friday, April 13, 2007

New Location for Book Sale

Due to unforseen circumstances the Friends May Book Sale has been moved to the Senior and Disabled Center on Cedar Street diagonally across from the library.

Ladd, Thanks so much for your polite suggestion. I will ad a link to this post.

For more information about the booksale.



Anonymous said...

Neglecting to post the dates and times for the sale needlessly generates traffic to the home page. Time is lost searching for where this information may be hidden. A promising site index link is found to be dead. Generating a needless reference question to inflate the statistics may actually be the goal here.

Ladd said...

The easiest solution would be to add a link above on "book sale" (in the blog entry) to the Friends events page:

This should resolve the concerns in the comments raised above. All the info on the book sale is on this events page.

Ladd said...

Also the site index has the appropriate entries: Book Sales is the general page describing them. Friends Upcoming Events takes you right to the events page with Spring book sale event info.

Anonymous said...

The appropriate link "Calendar of Events" is a dead link. The index item "Book Sales" would not even be found were a keyword search implemented. "Friends Upcoming Events" is too obscure particularly after encoutering the failed web 0.9 concept of "Calendar of Events".

Anonymous said...

The tone of some bloggers is so angry. I am sorry that you at LRW have to deal with people who just need a place to vent. Ladd at least offered some constructive advice. I'm sure there is no subversive plot to "inflate the statistics". Nothing is perfect. At least constructive comments give you direction. By the way I always enjoy your booksales.