Friday, December 07, 2007

Stewart O'Nan to Visit Evening Book Group

Join us on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 7:00 in the Lienhard room. We will be discussing Stewart O'Nan's latest book, Last Night at the Lobster, with the author.

We will have a limited number of books for sale for $15.00.

In the NY Times Book Review on Nov. 4, 2007, in Food Chain Blues, Nathaniel Rich says-

"O’Nan’s empathy for his characters is one of his great gifts as a
novelist, and it is an impressive achievement that Manny’s misplaced affection for Red Lobster is not risible, but tragic."

In the NY Times Arts section on Dec 3, 2007, in Requiem for a Red Lobster: A Novel of Downsizing, Motoko Rich says

"Having swiped menus, scrutinized dining patterns and interrogated workers in Wethersfield and other locations while writing the book, Mr. O’Nan, 46, became steeped in Red Lobster trivia."

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