Monday, September 11, 2006

For the Love of the Red Sox

So I hold in my hand a "newer" Boston Red Sox Book, For the Love of the Red Sox: An A-to-Z Primer for Red Sox Fans of All Ages. I say "newer" because Johnny Damon is shown still wearing a Sox uniform when we all know he's wearing Yankee pinstripes now.
Those who work with me are surprised to see me with this book, because they know that I'm a Jersey girl and forever a Yankee fan. Some of them also know however, that my husband is a huge Red Sox fan so I thought I'd rub it mean...bring it home for him!
Why do I bring this up here? Just a personal frustration with publishers that take so long to produce timely books about sports teams and players for kids. We sit with books about football teams that aren't even in existence anymore on our shelves and wait for updated series. And, as much as I like him, Derek Jeter isn't the only player on the Yankees. Let's get some more sports figure biographies for those reluctant middle school boys!
For the Love of READING....

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Anonymous said...

I agree very strongly. We need to have current books, hopefully at least 100 pages long,of many athletes from all types of sports, not just baseball, football and basketball. Although those three sports would be a start. Terri