Thursday, September 07, 2006

Playaway Digital Audio Books

The library has a new format of audiobooks called Playaway books. Read a review of Playaway at

Jeanette and I saw this at PLA in April and we said "THIS IS IT!". It's so much better than downloadable books. Much more durable and secure than a CD or a cassette. No more downloading books from the internet and wondering if it will work with your MP3 player. It's in the perfect portable package.

The book is in a small case about the size of a cassette. The title, author and jacket are on one side and the controls are on another. Try this tutorial to learn how to use it. We will give you the first set of earbud headphones or you can use your own standard head phones to listen. Carry the book around in your pocket and off you go!

We are purchasing more and they will be available in the near future.

- vicky

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Helen said...

Just want to let everyone know that the Children's Department has ordered 14 juvenile titles to start our Playaway Collection! Look for them in October! They will be listed in the catalog as J Playaway Author's Last Name.