Thursday, February 15, 2007

Response to survey comments

Thank you to all of the people you responded to our survey about our library web page. We appreciate your input and will discuss all your suggestions and soak up your praise!

"I think you have a glitch in the catalog search on the home page...."
"... I don't like only being able to search the Newington library."

We have fixed the glitch in the search the catalog box. And when Sue gets back from vacation I will ask her about adding the ability to search all libraries directly from the that search box.

"I could not easily link back to the home page and found this VERY frustrating."

Our homepage has been in a state of change over the past month. We have had problems with it not being available and we are having problems with the JavaScript on the page. We are close to a solution to that problem. All this to say that the ability to go back HOME will be on every page very soon.

"Hard to find your phone number."

Our address and phone number should be on every page. As I fix the JavaScript on each page I will also check to make sure the address and phone number are there.

"Would like to be able to place a hold while I'm in my account."

Yes I agree that moving around in your account, in renew books and placing a hold are cumbersome. It would be lovely to be able to log in into our catalog like we log into and it would keep our information thus cutting down the number of times we have to put in our account information. I will bring this suggestion to our network meetings.

I'll close with one positive comment.

"great design, cool graphics and very user friendly! congratulations!!"

Thank you again for your input about our page. Please feel free to call us or to email us anytime with your comments and concerns. 860-665-8700 or


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Anonymous said...

Depending on the invoked browser the phrase "Lucy Robbins Welles" is used four or five times on the home page alone!

Since your organization of content is so poor addition of a search capability for the site is mandatory although currently unvailable.