Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Online Book Clubs

Do you want a little taste of a book before you pick it up at the library or put it on hold?

Look for the Online Book Clubs logo on our website to link to the book clubs or click on the link below. You can sample 1-11 new books each week with our new Online Book Clubs.

After you read some of the book you can go to our catalog and see if it's in or place a hold on it.

You can also visit an online discussion group and talk with other people all over the country who are reading the first few chapters of the book you are reading.

The clubs start on Monday. Each day you will receive an email with a portion of this weeks book for each club you have joined.

Try it out and please let us know what you think.



Reader Scott said...

Speaking of online book clubs, you should check out OnlineBookClub.org.

Vicky said...

Scott, thanks for sharing your website with us. Readers always want more information about books and authors.

Anonymous said...

Clicking on "Click & Read>" logo in the post only serves to produce a screen of only that logo.

Anonymous said...

Please provide an ISBN number for each of your selections. Additionally, please provide a link from each of the eleven items to your catalog.