Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Different Look for the YA Area

The Young Adult area has some new furniture and a bulletin board.

Surf the net at the new computer station or read for a while in the new chairs or work on a project at the new tables.

A Big Thank You to the Board of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library for making this possible.



Anonymous said...

The second photo can be improved somewhat with digital corrections. The brightness of the chairs and tables in the foreground, however, overwhelms a quick fix algorthm which provides only moderate improvement.

Perhaps the intent is to show a bright YA area AND a gloomy YA area.

It is not apparent from the information given here which of the two computer stations is new.

iblee said...

You really have a great blog here!

And the pic is absolutely just fine.

The effort should be admired more than some unrealistic expectation for perfection which doesn't exist unless the only paradigm/philosophy/structure/belief systems you use to evaluate things are a Western/Anlgo-Saxon/United States-centric ... well, you get the idea.

There is more than one way to view things. We would all be wise to remember this.