Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lucy's Librarians Learn Library2.0

About on month ago the librarians and staff at the library started learning about Library2.0. Two of us have created a learning blog. We post lessons once a week. The rest of the staff do the lessons at their own pace. We are available for one on one instruction or other help along the way. As I have been researching for my entries and reading Sue's entries in the learning blog I too am learning. I wanted to share this youtube video with you. It's a video explaining RSS. I found it entertaining and informative. Hope you enjoy it and learn something.



Anonymous said...

Publishing the Library Board meeting minutes would be a more productive use of your time rather than a one on one tutorial sessions.

June Moon said...

MISINFORMATION! You do NOT need to sign up for a reader. Protect your privacy and DON'T signup! Plenty of free readers are available that don't require a signup including the one built into Internet Explorer 7.